Less phone calls. Less emails. Less Hassle.

We’re not just freight movers. Cadence Premier Logistics is the single source for all your transportation needs. We leverage our combined years of experience and an extensive, modern fleet to provide the most safe, efficient, customer-focused transportation and freight solutions available.

Direct Service

First and foremost, Cadence Premier Logistics is an asset-based company you deal with directly. No more hassling with multiple brokers hoping they have the right connections to get your load out and delivered on time. We work with our customers directly, meaning better service and better solutions.

Our goal is to be the premier logistics company in the world. We accomplish that goal only by providing industry-leading service to our partners. CPL believes service is more than on-time deliveries, it’s having drivers and equipment available when you need it. Service is about partnering with shippers to ensure their cargo is handled the most efficiently. It’s about leveraging our experience and utilizing us as a consultant for your most important logistics projects.


Our fleet of modern equipment can handle most any shipping need. With over 350 of the latest model trailers, none more than 3 years old, we’ll have the right trailer when you need it.

CPL’s trailer fleet is just as modern as our rigs and has the assortment of styles to get your load, whatever it is, to the drop point safely and securely. From temperature controlled, to flatbeds to low boys to whatever your needs may be, we’ve got the equipment to deliver.

Your single source logistics solution.


When you need a partner for warehousing needs, we’ve got you covered there as well. CPL’s network of warehousing partners offers your company the most flexible options: flex-space, cross-dock, seasonal, short-term and contract warehousing.


CPL prides itself on using the latest technology to ensure the highest level of service in everything we do. We’ve partnered with TMW Systems and their Truckmate software platform to manage our fleet and your loads. We open access to this system to our shipping partners allowing them to track shipments, locations, delivery dates and more.


Of course, none of what we do matters if we aren’t doing it safely. Cadence Premier Logistics is committed to safety in all facets of our operations. Our safety record is reflected in our awards from the American Trucking Association and the Illinois Trucking Association.

CPL drivers receive some of the most intensive training in the industry. Our on-site training facilities include a state-of-the-art simulator, classroom and close quarters driving arena.

Our fleet is one of the youngest in the industry and equipped with the most up-to-date safety technology. Lane departure warning, automatic following distance, speed controlled, and GPS tracking upon request; these are just some of the safety systems installed on all Cadence Premier tractors. We want all of our drivers to come home safely.