Stay Financially Flexible

Trailer leasing can be an attractive alternative for some fleets and owner-operators. It offers lower down payments, plus it gives you the opportunity to have access to the equipment you need during your peak seasons without carrying the overhead during your off-peak season. To see if leasing is right for your needs, talk to one of our highly skilled financial representatives. They’ll help you sort out all the terms and limitations, and set up a leasing contract without surprises – just the way you want it.

Cadence offers a full-service transport location, full-service leasing operations, and a finance company that offers a complete array of financial services.

Leasing Program

Our Program is a smart way to grow your fleet and minimize risk. Providing maximum flexibility, low start-up cost and low monthly payments on quality, late-model trucks. We provide the following with our leasing program:

  • Free Trailer Tracking
  • Reduce Insurance Costs
  • Reduce Maintenance and Overhead Costs
  • Release working capital, avoid redicual risk
  • Flexible Lease Terms, ranging from 12 months
  • Keep it as long as you like, return it when you no longer need it
  • Optimal fleet balance - Mix rented, leased and owned trailers to keep your finances and fleet flexible

when renting makes sense

Renting Equipment is a quick and easy method for fleet managers to increase capacity at appropriate times for a finite amount of time. It offers little to no up-front cost and keeps overhead low while still giving you flexibility to add or remove capacity easily. For any questions or inquiries, please contact our experience customer service representatives. They are ready to assist you with any of your rental needs. View our Rentals

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